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You agree by using this website to donate freely from your heart and you acknowledge that there are not products, prayers, prophecies or anything related to the Holy Spirit is on sale here. What we receive freely we give freely.

This website is created solely to support Triple Grace, upcoming urgent projects as described on the site, the establishment of dwelling places of Zion in the Nations and to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom in Spirit and Truth.

Triple Grace Charity follows the principle of the church in Acts Chapter 2 with sharing resources, supporting one another and lifting up the needy, the poor, the nameless and faceless. Special focus is placed on the children and vulnerable people worldwide.

Open your heart and support the little ones who are suffering, crying and living in destitute. Show compassion to the poor and needy by supporting our Missions and Projects.

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Triple Grace Charity

Sharing resources and supporting the children, the needy, the nameless and faceless in all nations.

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